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NOTICE BOARD  -  April 2018
Report by Ghalib Al-Nasser

The 24th Annual Meeting of the organisation was a great success and the best supported ever since the formation of the WBO back in 1994; with 33 delegates from 18 societies representing 16 countries attending the meeting on 11th November 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian national budgerigar society MDPOSZ and in particular the organisers, Tibor & Zita Gyerkó, were congratulated for their superb organisation and the way they encouraged fanciers and exhibitors to attend the meeting as well as participating in the 5th WBO World Championship Show.

The following countries were present at the meeting: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, Romania, Slovensko, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The WBO Chairman, Carlos Ramôa, thanked the delegates for attending and in particular the organising committee for staging this successful event. All delegates received generous gifts from the Hungarian society which were much appreciated by the delegates. He made a passionate plea that we should support the WBO World Show every year with good entry and participation from many countries.

2017 WBO Delegates

The WBO Secretary, Ghalib Al-Nasser, also thanked the host society and informed the meeting that our current membership is the strongest so far with 45 affiliated societies from 34 countries spread over the 6 continents.

The current situation as of now is even better with more new societies joining since January 2018 with Iraq, Morocco & Russia re-joining alongside new societies who have joined our ranks since 2016 such as Bahrain, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Gould Award

Since the creation of The WBO Gould Award back in 2011 for Meritorious Services to the World of Budgerigars in any field; this prestigious award, in the form of a specially designed certificate and a special Gould Medal to commemorate the win, have been awarded so far to Jo Mannes from Germany in 2012, Warren Wilson from Australia in 2013, Ghalib Al-Nasser from United Kingdom in 2014, Gerd Bleicher from Germany in 2015, Gren Norris from the United Kingdom in 2016.

During 2017 three societies sent nominations for this award for three candidates all from the U.K. and they were from U.K. (BS) for Roger Carr, from Germany (DSV) for Roy Aplin and from Eire for Steve Amos.

The winner was Roger Carr who was the WBO’s first chairman from 1994 to 2006 and the award was given as an acknowledgement of the work that Roger has done in the formation of the WBO, his leadership in promoting the organisation and for his contribution in promoting the Budgerigar Society of the U.K.  The presentation was made to Roger by the Chairman Carlos Ramôa at the 2017 WBO meeting.

Roger Carr, winner of the WBO Gould Award 2017

By the closing date of nominations on 31st December 2017, four societies sent nominations for this award for consideration by the Gould Committee for 2018. The nominations were for Henry George from Australia (ANBC), from U.K. (BS) for Rienhard Molkentin from South Africa, from Germany (DSV) for Roy Aplin from U.K. and from Portugal (SPO) for Gerald Binks from U.K.

After two rounds of voting the winner was Gerald Binks who was instrumental in creating the successful magazine Budgerigar World back in September 1982 which reached world-wide audience and for his contribution in promoting the hobby world-wide through his books and articles.  The presentation was made to Gerald on 30th April at his home in Wentworth.

Gerald Binks receiving his Award from Carlos Ramôa (WBO Chairman)

At the WBO meeting in Budapest it was agreed to change the format of the method of election where nominations for this award will still be closed on 31st December each year and need to be sent to the Secretary in writing on the nominated society’s official headed paper with biographical notes of the candidate not exceeding 200 words. However, instead of a Gould Committee conducting their votes by ballot it will now be conducted by the delegates attending the WBO meeting. This is to give more participation of societies/countries in electing the winner for this prestigious award.


One of the highlights of the meeting was the agreement by the delegates to invest in a research programme in “Feather Problems in Budgerigars” which will be carried out by a Veterinary Hospital of a University in Portugal. The Chairman provided a 12-page document on the subject outlining the thoughts of the University on how to progress with this project.

The delegates attending the meeting endorsed this project unanimously and to commence immediately. They also agreed to raise the affiliation fee of each society by doubling the fee for the next two years commencing from 2018. The Budgerigar Society (U.K.) pledged up to 10,000 pounds towards this research.


A few minor amendments to the WBO Constitution were agreed by 97% of member societies who had cast their vote by 1st November. Part of the amendments is to elect the officers for a 3-year period each.

The first election was done for the Vice Chairman who needed to be elected from the delegates attending the 2017 meeting and Grant Findlay (U.K.) was the sole nominee. The position will be up for re-election at the 2020 WBO meeting.

Carlos Ramôa was the sole candidate for the position of Chairman by the end of the year and will now serve as the Chairman as from 1st April 2018 for a 3-year period. The election of the Secretary will be conducted in 2019.

WBO World Championship Show

The fifth WBO World Championship Show was staged in Hungary in conjunction with the Austrian, Hungarian & Romanian national shows. The international judges who were invited to judge the show were  Julie Willis (USA), Alan Rowe (Australia, Armin Giger (Switzerland) and Dino Pocecco (Italy) who judged the Colour Budgerigars. It was the best entry that the Hungarian society have ever had with 55 fanciers from 12 countries; Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovensko, Slovenia, Switzerland and United Kingdom participating at this show along with the Hungarian fanciers to give a total entry of 481 of which 115 were Colour Budgerigars, making it the highest WBO World Show so far.

The Judges - Dino Pocecco, Armin Giger, Julie Willis & Alan Rowe

Major Winners

Best in Show                            Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)         Cinnamon Grey Green cock

Best Adult in Show                    Michael Marone (Germany)       Cinnamon Skyblue cock

Best Young Bird                       Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)         Cinnamon Grey Green cock

Best Adult Opposite Sex            Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)         Grey hen

Best Young Bird Opposite Sex  Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)         Yellowface Grey hen

Best Colour Budgerigar            Z G Stieglmaier (Germany)        Hagoromo Crest Opaline Skyblue cock

Best of Colour Awards (receiving WBO rosettes):

Green Series                           Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Blue Series                              Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Grey Green or Grey                  Michael Marone (Germany)

Opaline                                     Z G Kohout (Austria)

Cinnamon                                 Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Opaline Cinnamon                     Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Lutino or Albino                         Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Crest                                        Enrique Pumarega (Spain)

Spangle                                    Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Dominant Pied                          Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Recessive Pied                         Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Clearbody                                Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Any Other Colour                      Pinto Pedro Martins (Portugal)

Pair                                         Michael Marone (Germany)

Team                                       Ladislav Groda (Czech Republic)

Best In Show - Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)
Cinnamon Grey Green cock

Best Adult in Show
Michael Marone (Germany)
Cinnamon Skyblue cock

Best Adult Opposite Sex
Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)
Grey hen

Best Young Bird Opposite Sex
Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)
Yellowface Grey hen

Judges Criteria

At the 2011 WBO meeting it was agreed to create a Judges Criteria to assist the smaller and newer countries/societies that do not have a proper Judges Training Scheme to assist their members on how to become judges in their own countries.  The following criteria were adopted by the WBO:

-           5 years breeder of budgerigars

-           Test approved by WBO

-           Test through management of WBO or an appointed person from WBO

-           5 years judge in national organization before applying to the WBO International Judges Panel

Since this scheme commenced, six fanciers have taken a judging test laid down by the WBO and under WBO supervision consisting of practical, written and colour identification tests and passed. These were Ahmad Raza Sahi from Pakistan (passed in December 2012), Björn Johansson from Sweden (passed in October 2013), Maarten Heylen from Belgium (passed in May 2015) and Amir Malik, Hannad Shaker & Waseem Anwar from Pakistan (passed in September 2015).

Their societies will be able to ask the WBO to add them on the WBO International Judges Panel after completion of 5 years as judges in their own countries. Ahmad Raza Sahi has now qualified and was added to the WBO International Judges Panel.

During the weekend of the show Catalin Josan from Romania sat the WBO Judges Test and completed it satisfactorily. He was presented with the WBO Judges Certificate by the Chairman at the WBO meeting.

Catalin Josan from Romania successfully sat the WBO Judges Test

In October two candidates from Pakistan namely Ali Raza Sahi & Mobassir Sattar also took the WBO Test under supervision and passed.

International Judges Panel

A list of current judges who are on the WBO International Judges Panel is on the website and full addresses of each judge may be obtained from the Secretary. The conditions relating to admittance to the WBO Judges Panel are as follows:

a.         to be a current champion breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars in their own country. Where a country/society has only “one” Status of Exhibitor, a breeder and exhibitor of long standing will be acceptable subject to “b” & “c” below.

b.         be a fully qualified judge for a minimum of 5 years in their own country or in the country/society in which they qualified.

c.         apply in writing to their National Society (or the society in which they qualified) to be placed on the list. The National Society will then be responsible for checking their qualifications and, if eligible, for passing names, addresses and telephone numbers to the WBO Secretary for inclusion on the list.

The WBO recommends that member countries should consider inviting judges from other countries who are members of the WBO International Judges Panel, as approved by the WBO, to judge at shows that are under their jurisdiction. However, when a member country/society decides to invite a Judge from another country to their National Show, where the WBO Rosettes are awarded, they SHOULD only use a judge who is on the approved WBO Overseas Judges List. A full WBO International Judges List is available from the Secretary on request and can also be found on the WBO website.

Colour Standards

As part of recognition of new mutations the WBO Executive Committee put forward proposals to recognise the Japanese Crest called "Hagoromo" which originated in Japan in the 1980's. Often, in Japan they referred to them as “Semaki” (means rolled up in the back in Japanese) - Sekisei". This variety, over the past 5 or so years became very popular in Asia and the Middle East and now the variety is slowly spreading in Europe. The variety is an extension from the current crested budgerigar which has been in existence since the 1930s but has a further crest on the butt of each wing.

Like all standards they are formulated for the Ideal bird and not what is currently bred and the Standard for this variety starts with the current standard for the Crested Budgerigar and adding the extra crest on the wings to it. The Standard has also been written in a similar format as the current WBO Standard for all varieties.

HAGOROMO (Provisional WBO Standard for the Hagoromo Variety):

The Hagoromo character can be combined visibly with all other varieties aforementioned in these standards and the exhibition standard for the Hagoromo crested should be exactly as written for each colour and variety plus either a Full Circular, Half Circular or Tufted Crest as described below:-

This should have a symmetrical and uniform neat crest, like a flower of up to 10 feathers, on the butt of each wing. The inner circle of feathers to be slightly smaller to give the appearance of a flower. Extra feathers between the wings or elsewhere on the body should be classified as a fault and be penalised accordingly.

SCALE OF POINTS (Same for both):

Condition, Size, type & balance 35

Shape & size of head                15

Mask & spots                           10

Colour                                      10

Variety markings                      30

Future Meetings

The next WBO meeting will be held on 27th July 2018 in Bloemfontein, South Africa, to coincide with the B.S. South Africa National Show. The BSSA will also be hosting the 6th WBO World Championship Show at this event.

The WBO is in a strong position in so far as future meetings will coincide with national shows till 2025. The German society, AZ, will host the meeting in 2019 in Karlsruhe 23rd-25th August to celebrate the WBO 25th Anniversary. The Budgerigar Society (U.K.) will host the WBO meeting in 2020 in Stoke on Trent on 5th-7th June to celebrate their 95th Anniversary. Future meetings are planned in Rome, Italy in 2021, Belgium in August 2022, Egypt (2023), Turkey (2024) and the B.S. U.K. (2025) to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

Ring Specification, Colour Code and Sequence

The current ring specification for the budgerigar and colour sequence as adopted by both the WBO and the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale (COM), is listed below:

Minimum internal diameter

4.20 mm

Maximum internal diameter

4.40 mm

Wall thickness

0.60 – 0.90 mm

Ring height

3.85 – 4.00 mm



Pantone Code

RAL Code


Dark Blue

301 U




1797 U







Pastel Green

344 U (closest)




249 U




1505 U



Member societies are strongly reminded that, when ordering rings from any ring manufacturer, to specify the exact WBO ring colour and the Pantone Code as well as the ring specification to avoid any misunderstanding by ring manufacturers.

The Executive Committee is to review the Pastel Green and Orange colours and will come forward with alternative colours at the next meeting.

Membership (Updated 22/7/18)

The WBO currently is in a healthy position with 50 affiliated societies spreading over 6 continents in 41 countries. They are:

  • Asia/Middle East: Bahrain, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (Eurasia), United Arab Emirates

  • Australasia: Australia, New Zealand

  • Africa: Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Sudan

  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovensko, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

  • North America: Canada, United States of America

  • South America: Argentina, Brazil

Affiliation Fee

The new affiliation fees to member societies which became effective as from 1st April 2018 are:

Number of Members                Annual Fee (Ł)             No. of Votes

5000 or above                           800                               10

3000 to 4999                             640                               8

1000 to 2999                             400                               6

500 to 999                                210                               4

Less than 500                           80                                2

WBO Rosettes

Each member country/society receives four WBO rosettes each year, as part of their affiliation, for Best Any Age, Best Any Age Opposite Sex, Best Young Bird & Best Young Bird Opposite Sex in Show to be awarded to four different birds at their national show. Names of winners and photos of the winning birds are then included on each year’s Rosette Winners file. Please visit the website for current & previous winners.

WBO Executive Committee (E.C.)

An Executive Committee was created in 2004 to run the affairs of the WBO between Council meetings. The E.C. for 2018 consists of Chairman Carlos Ramôa (Portugal), Secretary Ghalib Al-Nasser (U.K.), Vice-Chairman Grant Findlay (U.K.) and Immediate Past Chairman Gerd Bleicher (Germany).

Roger Carr, Past Chairman, although not part of the Executive Committee but can still attend all WBO General Meetings.

WBO Badge

At the 2010 meeting, the WBO approved its own designed badge depicting the WBO logo of the Ideal Budgerigar superimposed on the world map. The cost to purchase this badge, from the secretary, is 3.00 GB pounds each, plus postage.

WBO Publicity and the Website

The WBO website is kept updated on a regular basis with many files of interest such as research articles, Pictorial Ideal, Colour Standards, Scale of Points, details of member organisations, ring specification etc. Photos of past WBO rosette winners around the World are also included on the website (click on each photo to enlarge it).

For further comments on any of the above items please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary and please keep visiting the WBO website for regular updates.

Ghalib Al-Nasser

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