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MAY 2003

Delegates from many countries attended the WBO meeting last November held in the United Kingdom to coincide with the Budgerigar Society Club Show. It was pleasing to see Australia attending for the first time. Delegates attending were from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Delegates have agreed to use the international Pantone Colour Code to standardise the ring colours and have also agreed to drop the colour silver and reduce the ring colour cycle to a 5-year cycle to fall in line with other European countries. Also to use the Pantone Colour Code to standardise the basic budgerigar colours. At the moment field trials are been conducted in various countries to establish such a universal colour codes.

Another topic discussed was the use of plastic rings for budgerigars, which a few countries in Europe are already using.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of a Budgerigar Model made for the WBO to specification by Jorgen Holm Pedersen from Denmark. This was an impressive model and with the aid of computer and visual aid equipments the model was projected on a screen for all delegates to see. Many comments were made by the delegates with regards to some minor alterations that were needed to the Model and it was decided that the WBO Standards sub-Committee meet again to discuss those suggestions in depth.

A meeting of the Standards sub-Committee was convened in February with delegates attending from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom as well as the Chairman and Secretary. With the aid of a computer, screen and a beamer, changes were made to the projected Model, using the software Adobe PhotoShop, taking into account all the comments made by delegates at the previous meeting. The final images were emailed to all delegates and responses were received the following morning. The work is now with the Model maker to make the next WBO Model.

When the Model is agreed upon it will then be produced on a CD-ROM for each member country/society where the Model can be rotated and viewed from all angles.

Ring Specification, Colour Code & Sequence

At the 2001 WBO meeting delegates adopted a Ring Specification as follows:

Minimum internal diameter 4.20 mm
Maximum internal diameter 4.40 mm
Wall thickness 0.60 – 0.90 mm
Ring height 3.85 – 4.00 mm

In 1997 the WBO adopted a 6-year cycle ring colour sequence. At the WBO meeting in November 2002 it was decided to reduce this to 5-year cycle by dropping the silver colour and adding the International Pantone Colour Code to each of the five WBO Ring Colours. This 5-year cycle to commence with the 2004 season.


Pantone Code






Black 2U2X





Dark Blue

301 U






Yellow U





Dark Green

363 U






1797 U





Member societies are strongly reminded that when ordering rings from any ring manufacturer to specify the exact WBO ring colour and the Pantone Code as well as the ring specification to avoid any misunderstanding by ring manufacturers.

International Judges Panel

A WBO International Judges Panel was created in 1996 and to be eligible for inclusion on this Panel a judge must meet the following criteria:

  1. be a current champion breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars in their own country.

  2. be a fully qualified judge for a minimum of 5-years in their own country.

  3. apply in writing to their National Society to be placed on the list. The National Society will then  be responsible for checking their qualifications and, if eligible, for passing names, addresses and      telephone numbers to the WBO Secretary for inclusion on the list.

It was also agreed that member countries should consider inviting judges from overseas who are members of the International Judges Panel, as approved by the WBO, to judge at shows that are under their jurisdiction. A WBO International Judges List is available from the Secretary on request.

WBO Rosettes

Each member country/society will be receiving their two rosettes for Best Any Age & Best Young Bird in Show during the summer. Countries are requested to send back the Patronage Return Form with the names of the two winners to the Secretary soon after their shows. Please visit the website for previous winners.

Next WBO Meeting

The next WBO meeting is scheduled in Cham, Switzerland for Friday 7th November. The meeting will be held before the Swiss B.S. 45th National Show on 8th & 9th November and all WBO delegates are invited to attend the Saturday official Dinner to join in the celebrations.

Other News

Research articles on Megabacteria and Stress, by Dr. Colin Walker from Australia, Egg Problems, by Dr. Rob Marshall from Australia and Avian Diseases, by Jacqueline P. Jacob from the U.S.A. were sent to all member societies for publication in their own magazines during the past 15 months.

Ghalib Al-Nasser was re-elected Secretary for a further two years (2003/2004).

For further comments on any of the above items please do not hesitate to contact me and please keep visiting the website for regular updates.

Ghalib Al-Nasser