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World Championship Show

At the 2010 WBO meeting held in Portugal the concept of the WBO World Championship Show was born and the foundation and guidelines were laid at the 2011 meeting held in Australia. Those guidelines were:


  1. To coincide with the WBO Annual Delegates Meeting with venue and date to be decided by the WBO meeting upon the received invitation of a member society.

  2. To be organised with a minimum classification accepted by the WBO.

  3. To follow the WBO guidelines on showing and judging.

  4. To be judged by WBO International Judges only.

  5. To be awarded special and prestigious WBO patronage.

  6. To accept participation of birds and breeders from all WBO affiliated societies (open show).

  7. To accept to host any foreign delegate, in charge of the transport and care of his country/society birds with free accommodation based on number of birds benched.

  8. To accept the collaboration of the foreign delegates in the different tasks of the show organisation (feeding/watering of birds, stewarding etc.)

Report by Ghalib Al-Nasser

The WBO held its 20th Annual Meeting in Forli, Italy on 11th October 2013 by invitation from the Italian Club AMICI, to coincide with its Annual National Show. The WBO also staged the very first WBO World Championship Show at this event. Delegates from thirteen countries and five continents attended making the meeting a truly international event.

Delegates at the WBO Meeting

WBO Executive Committee (Roger Carr, Gerd Bleicher, Ghalib Al-Nasser and Carlos Ramôa)
with the Portuguese flag for the winner of Best in Show
with the judges Jim Fletcher, Jo Mannes & Dewayne Weldon

Having laid the guidelines in 2011, the WBO staged their first ever World Championship Show in Forli, Italy to coincide with Club AMICI National Show. The show was titled the, “Alessandro Bernabei Memorial Show” in memory of Alessandro who was Club AMICI WBO delegate for many years and who passed away in 2012.

Jo Mannes (Germany), Jim Fletcher (Australia) and Dewayne Weldon (USA) judged the entry of 580 exhibition budgerigars from 31 exhibitors from England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Portugal. There were also 320 exhibits in the Budgerigar of Colour category with 16 exhibitors coming from Italy and Portugal. With 6 countries participating in this event it was truly an International show.

Major Winners

The award for Best in Show and Best Any Age went to Rui Teixeira from Portugal with a Dark Green hen. The Best Young Bird in Show went to Tibor Gyerkó from Hungary with a Skyblue cock. Best Opposite Sex Any Age & Best Opposite Sex in Show went to Alberto Castagnetti from Italy with a Spangle Grey Green cock while Best Young Bird Opposite Sex went to Roberto Doni from Italy with a Spangle Skyblue hen.

The Judges with Tibor Gyerko

Best of Colour Winners
Best Normal Green Series Rui Teixeira Portugal
Best Normal Blue Series Tibor Gyerkó Hungary
Best Grey Green Giancarlo Carretti Italy
Best Grey Pierre Channoy France
Best Opaline Gerd Bleicher Germany
Best Cinnamon Giuseppe Santangelo Italy
Best Opaline Cinnamon Tibor Gyerkó Hungary
Best Lutino or Albino Giancarlo Ferrioli Itay
Best Spangle Alberto Castagnetti Italy
Best Dominant Pied Rui Teixeira Portugal
Best Recessive Pied Tibor Gyerkó Hungary
Best Yellowface Giuseppe Cerrato Italy
Best Any Other Colour Tibor Gyerkó Hungary
Best Crest, Clearwing & Fallow Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser UK

The Judges with Roberto Doni & Alberto Castagnelli